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The infusion center is an innovative alternative to long waits in cold, impersonal hospitals. It is a place where patients can receive intravenous infusions in a safe, professional environment. We offer Remicade, Orencia, Actemra, Rituxan, and Reclast infusions. Our goal is to make patients comfortable while providing caring, customized treatments. The staff maintains close coordination and communication with the physician throughout the prescribed course of treatment. Located in the newly renovated historical Gryphon building in downtown Joplin, Missouri, the treatments are given in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. During this time you can relax in our plush recliners, read a book, catch up on some work, watch t.v, check your e-mail, or take a nice nap. So, put your feet up and enjoy your time with us.

The laboratory offers a variety of blood tests and panels often ordered by healthcare professionals to monitor fluctuations in blood levels. In-house testing includes CBC with differential, Chemistry panel, Cholesterol panel, Vitamin D levels, Thyroid panel, Urinalysis, Arthritis screening, and more. All lab tests can be drawn in one location and sent to a reference lab for analysis if not available on the in-house menu. Appointment is preferred to reduce wait time but walk-ins are always welcome.  A complete list of all in-house blood testing is listed below: CMP, Lipid Panel, CK, Uric Acid, CRP, Hemoglobin A1C, Iron Panel, C3, C4, MG, IGG, IGA, IGM, CBC, TSH, Free T4, Vitamin B12, Folate, Ferritin, PSA, Insulin, Ostase, Vitamin D, PTH, ESR, H.Pylori, Urine HCG, Protime, Urinalysis, RPR, Rheumatoid factor, Anticardiolipin AB, Beta-2-Glycoprotein, Anti-CCP, ANA9 includes SSA, SSB, SSDNA, DSDNA, SM, RNP/SM, Chromatin, SCL-70, and Centromere.

Downtown Imaging, located on the 2nd floor of the historic Gryphon building, offers high-tech diagnostic imaging services in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Accurate, detailed reports are provided by our board certified, Musculoskeletal and Neuroradiologists in 24 hours or less. We currently offer; high field MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-ray, and Bone densitometry. Our new Siemens CT scanner and Norland bone densitometry units have the lowest radiation dose in the area. All insurances are accepted, and cash pay options are available at a reduced rate for those without insurance coverage. Our goal is to provide superior patient care along with high quality diagnostic imaging services.

Tired of having itchy eyes? We can help. The allergy room offers allergy testing and allergy shots to patients. We also send out vials so you can self-administer your allergy shots at home instead of coming in to the office. Injections such as, Boniva, Prolia, Solumedrol, and much more are also offered in the allergy/shot room. We also offer seasonal services such a flu shots.

Our clinical setting specializes in patient assessment and education. We provide services such as physical exams for arthritis and allergy patients, allergy testing, pulmonary function testing, joint injections, and a wide variety of other services for our patients. We strive to give the best care possible in our state of the art facility. We are staffed with two medical doctors, who are highly trained and qualified.